THAIGROOVE Showcasing 50 Thai Eco-Friendly Brands at Green Day Helping Change the World

  • With the conclusion of COP26, 50 Thai brands are stepping up to meet the climate challenge by reducing waste and shifting the mindset of consumers.
  • A range of products across three popular categories are showcasing a better way to sustainability at THAIGROOVE.COM’s Meet-the-Makers event.

BANGKOK, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Businesses around the world understand they need to step up for climate change. It’s the right thing to do for the planet and good for business, as consumers are prioritizing social and environmental responsibility, and governments are taking concerted action. Join THAIGROOVE at the Green Day event, which is bringing together 50 Thai Eco-Friendly Brands.

The Thai government is promoting Bio-Circular-Green (BCG), a new model for inclusive and sustainable growth that capitalizes on the country’s diverse strengths and innovative technologies to transition to a value-based economy. The Department of International Trade Promotion, under the Ministry of Commerce, is taking the initiative by working with leading Thai brands to drive the BCG model in product design and production processes. Products showcased at Green Day incorporating the BCG approach include:

B – Bio-economy: use of environmentally friendly materials and a sustainable production process.
C – Circular economy: no additional waste is generated, reducing carbon emissions.
G – Green economy: no impact to the ecosystem ensuring a clean environment.

International buyers can browse the BCG Heroes e-catalogue’s three categories – furniture and home decorations; fashion fabrics and accessories; and wellness and everyday lifestyle products and help change the world as part of THAIGROOVE.COM’s impressive virtual brand showcase.

Thailand’s plastic packaging is dominated by just two products – plastic bags and bottles. The country aims to have all plastic waste recycled by 2027. Thais continue to use roughly four billion plastic bottles per year, with efforts underway to scale up circular strategies.

The rattan chair by HOOG tackles climate change by helping reduce waste. In the coffee roasting process, 1% of the fiber from the beans is leftover. One kilogram of this fiber (from 129 cups of espresso) plus 39 used plastic bags or 18 bottles of water produce the seating material of the HOOG chair. While the design is simple, the shapes and details are distinctive.

ARTWORK is also doing its part with its felt collection consisting of eco-flannel made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. By choosing microfiber leather over animal skin, the brand wants to encourage its users to help save the world.

Explore more green creations and innovations that are helping make this planet more sustainable from Thailand’s 50 BCG Heroes which can Be the ChanGe for a better planet at the Green Day event on November 22, back-to-back with THAIGROOVE’s  5-day Online Business Matching event.

Together, we really can make a difference. Sustainability is not a choice, it’s essential for our survival.   

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