The First US World-Class Bioscience Design Corporation Officially Launched

TAIPEI, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  TCI Co., Ltd. set up a subsidiary in the United States for the first time in 2019 to expand its business footprint and bring its successful experience in Asia to the United States. After two years of continuous effort, it has accumulated a series of extensive milestones. In August 2021, TCI acquired NewAge Inc. ‘s production facility in Utah, forming the five-years of manufacturing partnership. Not only shortening the supply chain of the US market, but also to provide its US base clients more services immediately and efficiently. This plant serves as the headquarters for TCI’s operations in the US. High-speed automated production lines will be adapted to integrate the resources of the group’s related enterprises, serving as the production and marketing base of a world-class integrated bioscience design corporation.

The First US World-Class Bioscience Design Corporation Officially Launched
The First US World-Class Bioscience Design Corporation Officially Launched

The United States of America (hereinafter referred to as the United States) was established in 1776. Throughout 245 years, it has developed into a complete and gigantic economic system, accounting for 23-25% of the global economy. It is undoubtedly the largest and most important economy in the world; regardless of its domestic demand and the export market, both have been well-developed. In addition to the numerous natural resources of the United States, what is more important is the government’s continuous support for the operation of private enterprises, domestic and overseas trade agreements, and social construction.

What is an "Integrated Bioscience Design Corporation"? "Integrated Bioscience Design (IBD)" is derived from consumer demand, integrating chemistry, biology, mathematics, industrial engineering, genetic medicine, aesthetics, human factors engineering, applied materials science, consumer behavior research and other cross-disciplinary expertise and technologies, to achieve the ultimate goal of "join and delight" the lives of consumers. TCI has been one of the preeminent manufacturing expertises of the functional food and skin care products industry in Asia for many years, using the extensive R&D patents of IBD and the advantages of automated manufacturing technology, which has repeatedly achieved supreme results. In particular, the collagen products are TCI’s Hero products. "Corporation: Trading company" is mainly engaged in trading activities, and is based on the existing business, gradually tapping into other industries, expanding a wider range of business content and services. In addition to replicating Asia’s success, TCI has also defined its US headquarters as the base of Integrated Bioscience Design Corporation. It not only provides health beverage ODM services in the United States, but also expands its business scope, adding special bio-integrated raw material into the US market, and connecting Asian and American clients with a global distribution network. In the value chain of the biotechnology industry, vertical integration of service items from both upstream and downstream will continue to expand to other industries. In addition, TCI actively builds green plants with a zero-carbon sustainable value chain to provide consumers with high-performance products that come with environmental sustainability.

Starting from Taiwan, TCI uses integrated bioscience design methods to create high-efficiency products to join and delight consumers’ lives. It has successfully exported to 62 countries around the world. By envisioning "Made in USA" this year, TCI uses the business model of "IBD Corporation" to provide global brand clients and consumers with more diversified choices and establish the world-wide biotech alliance.

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