The Philippines Hosts Region’s Largest Health and Wellness Summit

The Philippines’ Department of Tourism will hold a health and wellness tourism summit entitled “Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia” on October 22 – 25, 2008 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel in celebration of the Philippines’ Health and Wellness Tourism Month. The summit brings together leading experts in evidence-based medicine, alternative medicine, wellness and spa industries, and the retirement sector.

The 4-day summit “Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia” is a must-attend event for those interested in learning about the latest, cutting –edge treatments and therapies from medical experts and research scientists and getting advice on living a healthy lifestyle from international, best-selling wellness gurus.

Insurers will get expert advice on the benefits of covering medical, health and wellness travel, while health and wellness providers will gain insights on how to get a piece of the action in the multi-billion dollar medical, health and wellness travel market.

“Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia” brings together medical, health and wellness experts such as best-selling author Dr. John Gray (of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”); Dr. Soe Nyunt-U of the World Health Organization; “Fit for Life” author Marilyn Diamond; fame cancer expert and molecular biologist Dr. Sam Bernal; Dr. Gerardo Manzo of the Philippine Heart Center; health and wellness travel expert Renee Stephano; spa industry expert Mary Tabacchi and many more.

Furthermore, “Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia” will also showcase the Philippines as a center for health and wellness in Asia, focusing on its Centers for Medical Excellence and the distinct Filipino touch of caring, kindness and compassion.

Learn how the country’s leading medical facilities, spas and wellness centers are already offering world-class medical care to an international clientele, and how this raises the Philippines’ profile as a formidable player in the billion-dollar Medical Travel, Health and Wellness Tourism market.

Topics for the medical summit include: a WHO report on the most urgent health concerns facing patients, companies and insurers in the present and foreseeable future; maximizing the benefits and avoiding pitfalls in health and wellness travel; information on how healthcare and wellness providers can get international accreditation; the importance of insurance portability in medical, health and wellness tourism; latest trends in beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine; cutting-edge technologies and therapies in regenerative medicine and stem-cell research that help in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other serious conditions.

Other topics cover alternative therapies like Filipino touch therapy; the dynamics between diet, male-female relationships and the human brain; anti-aging techniques and therapies; spa culture; and thermal water therapy.

Summit delegates will not only be treated to a wealth of expert advice but also be treated to fun activities like a spa party, a gala dinner, and everyday health and wellness activities designed to perk up and rejuvenate one’s body and spirit.

All stakeholders in the healthcare, wellness and retirement sectors, friends in the media, and individuals and groups interested in living a healthy lifestyle filled with true well-being are encouraged to register and attend “Embracing Health and Wellness in the Heart of Asia”.

The event is hosted by the Department of Tourism under the Office of Sports and Wellness Tourism led by Undersecretary Cynthia Carrion. It is supported by Department of Health, Spa Association of the Philippines, Department of Trade & Industry, Philippine Retirement Authority, Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industries, and organized by HIM Communications.

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