The World’s Leading Green Resort Achieves the World’s First Live Earth Certification

AquaCity Resort, Slovakia has become the first destination in the world to achieve `Live Earth’ certification, a global accreditation that offers an internationally recognised certification of sustainability; encompassing environmental, social, cultural and economic factors.

Over four million people have visited AquaCity since it was constructed four years ago.

Reg Easy, Director of Live Earth, said: “AquaCity Resort has achieved standards of sustainability to which all tourism destinations should aspire. Live Earth recognised that the Resort is making responsible use of energy and materials, staff are being trained in best environmental practise and waste materials are being disposed of responsibly. This is exactly the benchmark that we are looking for from our Live Earth certificated members.”

AquaCity is built above vast subterranean sources of geothermal water, which is utilised both in its waterpark and spa, and to heat and power the resort, supplemented by solar power generated by photo-cells in the façade of one of the indoor pool complexes.

The resort saves around 27 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each day and was built to fulfil the owner’s vision to demonstrate to the world that being `green’, not only saves the earth’s valuable resources, but saves money by using freely available natural energy, to give this world class resort a business edge.

The Live Earth programme is part of The Green Organisation, a non-profit, non-political, non-activist environmental sustainability group, dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting best practices around the world.

Live Earth certification recognises the best practices of sustainability, but setting benchmarks of sustainability and certifying those organisations that achieve these standards.

For information about Live Earth certification visit  or call +44 (0)1892 665336.

For information about AquaCity visit

Press contact: Mary Stuart-Miller, +44 (0)1403 738844,

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