Through the Socialization of the CHSE Event Protocol Story (CERPEN), the Indonesia’s MoTCE Aims to Revive Event Businesses in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MoTCE) is strengthening the socialization of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability (CHSE) campaign for events, targeting 6 top cities across Indonesia. Namely CERPEN, the socialization aims to encourage tourism and creative industries, while raising new optimism for events by adopting the new normal protocol amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the Socialization of the CHSE Event Protocol Story (CERPEN), the Indonesian MoTCE Restores the Passion of the Event Industry in Various Regions
Through the Socialization of the CHSE Event Protocol Story (CERPEN), the Indonesian MoTCE Restores the Passion of the Event Industry in Various Regions

Held in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, and Lombok, the launch event of the CHSE socialization is organized in three phases, from August to November 2021.

Targeting a massive audience from a grassroots level, the Ministry has worked with local media (TV broadcasting, paper, online news, radio, and podcast) in each city to promote CHSE events that fit their region. Implementing local approaches, the initiative will help rebuild event businesses that boost creative economy in Indonesia.

"We need to rebuild public confidence in cultivating the spirit of event destinations, creative sectors, and related ecosystems. One of the efforts is through relevant content and socialization that will successfully revive event activities after the pandemic. That is why the role of local media outlets is significant to help us disseminate information about CHSE certification," said Rizki Handayani, Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizing.

Reinforcing socialization with the spirit of collaboration

Strengthening the CHSE’s socialization, the government has encouraged creative workers to disseminate CHSE into local languages that are easy to understand by the local community. One example is a collaboration with a local East Java television network, JTV, which allows creative workers and local residents in East Java to cultivate CHSE through a Javanese performing art, Ketoprak Humor. Local approaches are also applied in other Indonesia’s provinces by applying CHSE’s socialization with a touch of local wisdom in their respective regions.

The socialization also involves podcast creators such as PODOAE. Through a creative approach and targeting digital radio listeners, they broadcast digital radio plays in a podcast format that Spotify listeners can enjoy.

The CHSE campaign is not merely focused on preparing event destinations and creators to implement strict protocols, but most importantly, to enlighten and prepare the local creative industries to innovate in organizing art and cultural events by adhering to health protocol.

"The government has continued to take mitigation measures as much as possible to revive the economy during the pandemic. This includes the implementation of the ‘Innovation, Adaptation, and Collaboration’ strategy while adapting events to the new normal. Therefore, we can ensure the events are held safely and comfortably for everyone," added Rizki.

Involving various local media in all regions in Indonesia, the Ministry will continue to increase the CHSE campaign to the public through interesting and thoughtful events, such as talk shows and creative contents.

The first talk show will be held in a hybrid format in Medan on Tuesday, October 12, where limited attendees can arrive on-site and the rest can access it online through the ministry’s YouTube, as well as local and national television.

For more information about the CHSE campaign and events, visit to download the CHSE guidance.

About the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Driven by a vision to make Indonesia a world-class tourism destination, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy innovates various breakthroughs to continually grow the creative industry in Indonesia.

"Kharisma Event Nusantara 2021" is one of the government’s efforts to encourage the rise of the creative economy in Indonesia. This program is expected to help positively move the national economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide direction for event participants on the implementation of the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocol.

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