Tongcheng-Elong Establishes ESG and Data Security Committee to Promote Sustainable Development

BEIJING, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tongcheng-Elong Holdings Limited ("Tongcheng-Elong") has formally announced the establishment of an ESG and Data Security Committee to further upgrade its corporate governance as well as policies in environment and society, thus better protecting user privacy and data security.

"The society has witnessed the extensive application of big data and facial recognition, which triggers the mounting concerns over the protection of user privacy and data security. Steadfastly promoting the construction related to data use and privacy protection is a testament to the company’s efforts to fulfill CSR and comply with the global development trend of ESG. Therefore, the ESG and Data Security Committee was officially established to create more value for our partners and users", Ma Heping, CEO of Tongcheng-Elong, said at the launching ceremony.

Mr. Ma will serve as the Chairman of the ESG and Data Security Committee, which consists of three subcommittees, namely, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Data Security. The Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Sub-committee manages the impact of business operations on the environment. The CSR Sub-committee mainly manages the impact of business operations on all stakeholders including users, employees, suppliers and communities. The Data Security Sub-committee is in charge of establishing and optimizing data protection and security mechanisms so as to better protect user privacy.

To push forward with the sustainable development of the tourism industry, Tongcheng-Elong has launched services like paperless travel and E-tickets for tourist attractions to contribute to environmental protection. It also introduced a tailor-made booking portal for the elderly, as well as caring customer service in sign language for certain users, as so to help the vulnerable groups better adapt to the digital society with trustworthy services.

As a Hong Kong-listed enterprise, Tongcheng-Elong publishes its ESG report every year. Recently, its ESG Report was selected by the MIIT as one of the "1,000 Excellent CSR Reports".  Going forward, the company will further push ahead with its efforts regarding ESG and data security, with the ESG and Data Security Committee.

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