launches integrated carbon program as part of their commitment to provide travellers with more sustainable travel options

  • A partnership with CHOOOSE™ empowers users around the world to understand and offset their flights’ CO2 emissions
  • Customers can address their emissions by supporting a portfolio of trusted high-impact climate projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • has expanded their offerings to build on evolving consumer climate awareness and corporate action

LONDON, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, is launching its integrated carbon solution to enable users worldwide to address the CO2 emissions of their travel.

The global travel platform has partnered with climate-tech company CHOOOSE to offer travellers the option to calculate and offset their flight’s CO2 emissions by supporting impactful climate solutions around the world.

Customers booking on will now be presented with the opportunity to address their flight’s CO2 emissions during the booking journey. For a small cost, travellers’ offsets will support projects that either reduce, capture, or avoid CO2 emissions in an amount equivalent to the flight’s calculated emissions.

The CHOOOSE solution is integrated directly into the platform, enabling customers to seamlessly address their CO2 emissions as part of the customer experience.

Jane Sun, Chief Executive Officer at Group, said: "As part of our mission to lead the global transformation to modern and more environmentally-responsible travel, we have partnered with CHOOOSE to contribute towards highly effective CO2-mitigating projects around the world. This makes it easier and simpler for users to offset their flight’s CO2 emissions during checkout on our platform and travel more responsibly."

Andreas Slettvoll, Chief Executive Officer at CHOOOSE, said: "We see an increasing demand from individuals and companies around the world wanting to understand the CO2 emissions from their travel and to address these emissions through solutions like carbon removals, offsets and sustainable aviation fuel. That’s why we are thrilled to team up with to offer integrated climate options as a seamless part of their booking process, making climate action more accessible for people worldwide." and CHOOOSE calculate CO2 emissions per passenger based on factors such as aircraft fuel consumption, seat configuration, and flight distance, in accordance with the latest industry guidelines. This calculation helps to inform the cost to offset the journey, as well as guide which itineraries may be producing the least amount of CO2 per passenger. and CHOOOSE have selected a range of high-impact CO2 mitigation projects around the world that either reduce, remove, or avoid CO2 emissions. The projects are carefully vetted by carbon professionals and certified to the most comprehensive standards such as the Gold Standard, a leading international carbon protocol. This ensures that the projects create the highest possible carbon impact and a real benefit to local communities, so travellers know their contributions make a difference. To learn more about the climate projects selected for’s integrated carbon program please visit here.

The introduction of this new carbon solution aligns with the goal of Group,’s parent company, to encourage travellers to consider the environmental impact of travel and to offer options for users to travel more responsibly.

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CHOOOSE™ is a leader in technology-based climate action headquartered in Oslo, Norway. CHOOOSE builds digital tools so everyone, anywhere, can easily integrate climate action into everyday life and business. Together with its ecosystem of industry partners and individual supporters, the CHOOOSE platform is accelerating access and adoption of climate solutions across a range of key technologies – from nature-based solutions to carbon removal to Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Learn more at


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