Villa-World Launches the Web’s Most User-Friendly Vacation Property Rental Site

Listing a vacation home or lodging house for rent just got easier, thanks to an innovative new website. The site, Villa-World announced its launch to the general public according to Stephen Frieze, President and CEO of Villa-World.

“We spent several years and quite a lot of money researching the existing vacation home rental market” says Frieze. “What we found was that there was a lot of room for improvement, and that’s where Villa-World comes in.”

According to Frieze, Villa-World takes the concept of online vacation rental bookings to a much more sophisticated and user-friendly level, both for the consumer and the property owner. “Many of these other sites are a mess—difficult to navigate and even harder to book from,” says Frieze. “That can be a real turnoff for someone who wants to rent a home, and if they sign off without booking, that hurts the homeowners as well.”

Frieze says that he and his team of seasoned Web designers and developers went through a troubleshooting process on rival sites, identifying weak areas and developing solutions to improve them. “It was our goal to create a streamlined, easy-to-navigate site that would generate maximum bookings,” says Frieze. “Visitors to the site can search for properties by a wide number of means—location, number of bedrooms, types of amenities and even available dates, to name a few—and then review all the properties that meet those criteria. When they find the perfect property, all it takes is a few keystrokes and clicks and they’re done.”

“From a homeowners point of view we wanted to give them the ability to custom-tailor a Web package that suits their needs and budget” says Frieze “Property owners who wish to list their properties on the site can now make use of the Villa-World universal booking management/reservation system and take advantage of being able to display individual rates and dates for a property together with automated calendars, letters, email alerts, tax rates, deposits, payment methods and a host of other features all designed to take the hard work out of property management”.

For more information, view our property owner’s demo presentation or visit Villa World, or call 407-873-7618. Images and interviews are available upon request.

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