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Visiting Australia

mackay australiaAustralia’s biggest attraction is its beautiful landscape. Cities of Australia showcases different form of art and they offer good food. The Australian cuisine is a mixture of different cuisine of the world, as part of the immigrants coupled in Australia. This way the Italian restaurants cohabit with those Chinese, the Hindu come closer to the Irishmen, the Thai are very close to the Lebaneses. The restoration level is high and therefore interesting ethnic-gastronomic experiences can be had.

The Australian meat is also of high quality-tendered and more pleasant than in Italy- where you may eat big beefsteaks, accompanied by potatoes enriched with butter or creams or sour creams. If its your first time to visit Australia , its not difficult to find Hotels in Australia. There are plenty of beautiful villas to choose from and you can also book online to get discounts on Gold Coast Hotels.

If you want to enjoy white sand beaches, you should visit Noosa. Noosa is situated on the Sunshine Coast on the east coast of Australia. Noosa Hotels are easy to find, you can also avail of discounts if you book early.

North Queensland in Australia is a tropical paradise that offers pristine beaches. Cairns attractions rank as some of the most original and exciting destinations in Australia. Golden sunny beaches flanked by pristine rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef make Cairns a region that literally has it all. Cairns Esplanade, once a huge grassy park, now features a world-class facility incorporating an outdoor amphitheatre, a large sandy swimming lagoon, grassy picnic areas, walking tracks, free public barbeques, children’s playground, shops and restaurants, Cairns Hotels an environmental interpretation centre and a Great Barrier Reef Cruise departure terminal.

The most important thing to remember should you decide to go “off Road” (off a sealed road) in the Outback is to seek local advice on your intended route as well as ensuring someone locally knows of your travel plans. If your vehicle does break down in a remote area stay with it do not attempt to walk. Generally people who stay with their vehicles are located quickly and easily.

Please note, that some rental suppliers do have conditions that limit the operation of their vehicles in the outback. Should you plan to go off road we suggest that you discuss your intended route with the rental company beforehand.

It is a legal requirement that any gates opened to allow your vehicle to pass through are closed afterwards.

Any travel across designated Aboriginal Land will require permission from the owners beforehand. As the permit process varies from state to state (and can take up to six weeks to obtain). It is best to contact the national parks’ controlling body in each state prior to your journey.

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