WEBTOON Unveils a Slate of HYBE Original Content Featuring BTS, TXT and ENHYPEN

Six new original webcomics and webnovels developed in collaboration with HYBE will be available worldwide in January 2022

LOS ANGELES and TORONTO, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WEBTOON, the world’s largest digital comics platform, announced today a new line-up of original webcomics and web novels in collaboration with HYBE artists including BTS, TXT and ENHYPEN. Starting January 14, six original webcomics and web novels will be released on the platform globally.


The new slate of content is part of WEBTOON’s previously announced Super Casting project, a new group of partnerships with global entertainment companies to create webcomics or web novels for each platform. Super Casting allows major entertainment brands to work with WEBTOON and maximize the IP value chain across platforms and formats. In September, WEBTOON released a new original series Batman: Wayne Family Adventures with DC, its first collaboration partner, surpassing 500,000 subscribers within a week of its launch. Working with HYBE, WEBTOON continues its global leadership in building and nurturing global fandoms online.

The first HYBE original story will be 7Fates: CHAKHO. A collaboration with BTS, the dynamic story follows seven young men bound by fate. After growing up together through a series of trials and tribulations, they must become a unified group of seven to unlock their destiny. 7Fates: CHAKHO is an urban fantasy story set in the near future, inspired by the "Chakhogapsa" tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Filtered through HYBE’s imagination, the story re-imagines traditional Korean tiger tales and a mythological world of wild beasts. 7Fates: CHAKHO will be released on WEBTOON starting January 14.

WEBTOON will also introduce DARK MOON with ENHYPEN globally. Mixing urban fantasy and teen romance, the story follows the confrontation, confusion, and chemistry between a group of vampires, a pack of werewolves, and a mysterious girl with a secret. DARK MOON will be part of a series of stories, starting with DARK MOON: the Blood Altar on January 15. Combining a heroine with incredible abilities, youthful friendships, and a powerful secret, DARK MOON: the Blood Altar brings new levity and energy to teen romance.

Finally, THE STAR SEEKERS  will be a collaboration with TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), released on January 16. THE STAR SEEKERS follows a group of young men in a pop band who live in a world where magic is part of everyday reality. The group awakens one day to discover they possess dormant magical abilities. This fantastic tale features imaginary creatures, magic, and a fun look at the world of entertainment.

"Webcomics and web novels are some of the most exciting categories in global entertainment, with a growing Creator Economy of superstar Creators, massive fandoms around the world, and diverse IP fueling a new era of adaptations in TV and film," said JunKoo Kim, founder and global CEO of WEBTOON Entertainment. "We’re thrilled to work with HYBE to bring these incredible stories to fans all over the world in formats they know and love on WEBTOON."

The three original webcomics in collaboration with HYBE artists will be available on the WEBTOON global platform.

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