Xinjiang is becoming a popular tourist destination in Western China

With a natural landscape possessing glaciers, grassland, desert, mountains, and lakes, Xinjiang has become a “hot” destination in recent years. By the end of last year, inbound tourism surpassed the total population of Xinjiang for the first time (Xinjiang has a total population of 20.5 million by 2006); and Xinjiang has been ranked among the major tourist areas, according to

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau figures show that during the 30-year period of reform and opening up, until the end of 2007, Xinjiang received a total of 21.7 million domestic tourists. Income from tourism reached 205 billion yuan.

Three 5 A -level scenic areas – Kanas, Tianchi of the Tianshan Mountains, Putaogou of Turpan – as well as the Xinjiang International Tourism Festival and Winter Fair have all become famous tourist attractions at home and abroad.

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