Holidaying in the UK during the economic downturn

As the recession begins to take effect, more and more people in the UK are choosing to take their holidays in the UK. The traditional family holiday is back in fashion once more. UK holiday operators are finding a considerably greater interest in demand for holidays nearer to home, as holiday makers make cut backs in their spending.

As well as the chance to enjoy a less expensive holiday, the appeal of holidaying in the UK during the current economic crisis includes the fact that a British holiday offers better value for money. The cost of holidaying abroad has not fallen this year, and the majority of countries whose currency is the euro are suffering from lack of visitors due to the rate of exchange, which adds considerably to the overall cost of holidaying abroad.

The variety of holidays available in the UK has expanded and improved greatly since the days of the holiday camp. With so many people owning second homes, there is a great deal of choice of self catering cottages, houses and apartments to rent in beautiful coastal, rural and urban locations at competitive prices.

Camping is no longer only for the tough outdoor types. Camp and caravan sites nowadays cater for the expectations of visitors, with amenities such as restaurants, swimming pools and sports facilities, and camping equipment can be hired or bought at bargain prices, along with all the cooking and heating equipment necessary for the comforts of home. Camper vans can be rented for the week, offering the tourist the joys of the open road and the freedom to travel and stop off almost anywhere.

Adventure holiday organisers offer a fantastic amount of variety, catering for those with interests in many extreme sports. The range of different types of activity holiday available ranges from golfing holidays to Latin American dancing holidays, cookery experiences, yoga retreats and so much more. Rural farms in picturesque surroundings offer accommodation plus the opportunity for some hands-on experience of animal husbandry, grape picking or sheep herding. Hotels offer the luxury facilities such as fully equipped gyms, saunas and swimming pools, and bed and breakfast venues are no longer places with brushed nylon sheets and fry ups.

So appealing is the UK holiday, that international tourists continue to flock here, despite the unpredictable weather. With the Eurotunnel connection, it is easy to reach the UK from Europe without having to deal with flight delays, queues and lost luggage. The UK`s famous landmarks and cities, varied landscapes and beautiful coastline contribute to its appeal.

Not only are more and more British people choosing to holiday within the UK, but they are taking short city breaks here as well, particularly as it is so convenient to hop on a train or coach, or load up the car and head off for a couple of days without any major preparations or forward planning. With American Express travel insurance UK offers, you can rest assured that you and your belongings are in safe hands

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