Microtel Inn Boracay Island : A secluded Paradise

Microtel Inn Boracay Island is a beachfront Boracay Hotel in Diniwid Beach that brings international-standard hotel accommodation to the premier resort island of Boracay, Philippines.

Microtel Boracay is located in the new frontier of Boracay Island. It is away from the maddening crowd of the main beach. Strategically located in a private cove, which ensures privacy and peaceful environment. It is a beachfront property, which makes it more convenient for guests to access the beach.

microtel-boracay-island-resortsOffers mostly double rooms and connecting to each other good for families. Has a swimming pool, which is very suitable for kids. It is a fully operational restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is very accessible both from the beach area and the main road. This property was built in 2006.

With consistently clean, comfortable rooms and world-recognized hotel facilities, the Microtel Inn and Suites Resort Hotel in Boracay lends unmatched comfort to Boracay beach holidays, complementing the tropical vibe that Boracay Island is famous for.

Sitting on Diniwid Beach north of Boracay Boat Station 1, Microtel Inn and Suites brings to its doorstep the white sand beaches, water sport activities, tropical beach night life, and other island adventures available in Boracay Beach.

Each day of fun and relaxation at Microtel Boracay is guaranteed with rest-conducive Microtel Boracay hotel rooms and facilities, where guests will see that the comfort of home is possible to have in exciting Boracay Island.

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