New Variety Show Invites Audience to Say Hello to Life

BEIJING, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — One-third of our time should be focused on enjoying life. “Say Hello to Life”, a new variety show by, navigates the lives of young adults in China, embarking on an inspiring and heart-warming journey of music, food, once-in-life experiences and relationship as they explore the meaning of life.

New Variety Show Invites Audience to Say Hello to Life.
New Variety Show Invites Audience to Say Hello to Life.

“The show invites the audience to enter the inner world of the new generation through an engaging look at the young hearts and minds through their voices as they explore a colorful and changeable world inspiring them to build a better future”, said Haoyuan Xu, Director of the show.

Produced, co-directed and hosted by Negmat an Uyghur ethnicity TV presenter well-known to the Chinese households for his appearance on SuperStar DingDong and Sing My Song, he shares the stage with two guest hosts, Li Dong and Yizhou Sun, in each episode, taking the viewers to four major cities in China on the quest to discover the life philosophies, values and the meaning of travel.

From chasing dreams to the struggles from every facet of life, Say Hello to Life makes one theme perfectly clear: “Life’s a climb. But the view is great”. The mounting social pressure on adult life has made many young people forget where to find happiness and enjoyment. Maintaining good mental and physical health has become a challenge for them. In one episode titled “Fight, New Youth”, it addresses the pressure in association with the stressful social environment and the risk of mental illness, providing guidance on striking a sustainable work-life balance.

Feeling lost and lonely is no stranger to modern young adults.  In the fifth episode, the show attached to the theme “healing” to a new adventure, allowing the audience to immerse into the singing of lyrical poems and chat away all the anxiety against the backdrop of awe-inspiring scenery.

The show airs on CCTV 3, Say Hello to Life channel weekly.

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