Night of Guoyuan Cultural Exchange Forum Held to Discuss Chinese Baijiu Culture

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — "Night of Guoyuan"Cultural Exchange Forum was held on September 17 at the Harvard University Club in New York, announced Jiangsu King’s Luck Brewery Co., Ltd, a Chinese baijiu (liquor) company who hosted the forum.

"Night of Guoyuan”Cultural Exchange Forum was held on September 17 at the Harvard University Club in New York
"Night of Guoyuan”Cultural Exchange Forum was held on September 17 at the Harvard University Club in New York

Nearly 100 people from the fields of business, culture, science and technology, diplomats from the United States, Russia, Japan, and South Korea to the United Nations, and overseas Chinese leaders attended the forum and the baijiu tasting reception.

Baijiu culture forums like this are held every year in major cities outside China. They are one of the many efforts Chinese baijiu enterprises have made to expand global markets and continue what they achieved in the domestic markets. Making a legendary world-class baijiu brand has become the new dream of Chinese baijiu enterprises’ leaders.

Due to the vast differences in taste between Chinese baijiu and Western distilled spirits, Chinese baijiu exports have been stagnant for a long time. It is a huge contrast to the high reputation of Chinese cuisine in the world.

Jiangsu King’s Luck Brewery Co., Ltd. seemed to discover the silver lining. This brewery company from the hometown of Zhou Enlai, the founding premier of the People’s Republic of China, launched Chinese baijiu "Guoyuan". The brand, based on the idea of "Yuan" (bonds and connections of people) culture, has become a hit in the Chinese wedding banquet market, and quickly joined the league of the country’s top 10 baijiu brands.

Jinshiyuan’s high-end brand "Guoyuan" has been used for receptions hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Abigail Posner, the head of Strategic Planning at Google, told the forum that various opportunities and destinies connect the world, which echo the meaning of this baijiu brand. It may also serve as a key to Chinese baijiu’s journey in the world.

Abigail was amazed by the achievements of Chinese liquor enterprises in using high-tech innovations and green new technologies after she watched the photos of Jinshiyuan’s intelligent brewing technology.

Another participant, Charles Sullivan, and also a member of the Harvard University Club, firmly believes in the concept of "Yuan." Sullivan believes that "Yuan" is the chief spiritual force that determines whether people can get along with each other in a friendly way.

Jinshiyuan Chairman Zhou Suming, once an English teacher, told the forum participants that Yuan culture strengthens family and social harmony as well as world peace. "By promoting the ‘Yuan’ culture, we encourage exchanges and mutual learning, and we believe it is essential for building our shared future together as humankind," said Zhou.

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