Reditus, Korean “untact” e-finance transaction platform, launched a mobile App to contact anywhere.

– Presenting a suitable daily life e-finance platform amid the COVID-19 crisis.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Korean e-finance transaction platform, Reditus (CEO, Gilmo Jang) has launched a mobile App for open banking to contact anywhere, anytime.

Mobile e-finance transaction platform, Reditus
Mobile e-finance transaction platform, Reditus

Regarding the continuous spread of COVID-19, change has come to financial platforms. Reditus has developed a Receivables Management System (RMS), which provides 400 different types of everyday life contracts, including an e-finance promissory note, employment contract and rental contract. Reditus also supports banking services and contract protection services considering the new global trend due to the coronavirus such as an untact consumption and a non-face-to-face financial transaction paradigm. With the extended customer base related to COVID-19, electronic contract cases on the Reditus platform based on the e-finance promissory note exceeded 1,500 cases.

Daily life financial integration platforms provided by Reditus are divided into different sections such as E-Contract, Banking and Contract Protection. The e-contract is a smart contract type without paper documents, which is appreciated as a non-face-to-face solution.

Reditus offers an e-finance promissory note as well as 400 different types of contracts including a credit transaction contract and employment contract. All formats can be customized following the user’s requests.

The banking service is a non-face-to-face service mainly for managing contract fulfillment such as remittance, transfer and notice. When a contract is authorized, a virtual receivable account will be created, and the contractors can freely remit and transfer to each other through the account. When the contractors acknowledge their money transactions through the banking service, not only the e-finance promissory note will be issued, but also bond management solutions will be provided without any charge such as a fixed date for the legal acknowledgment of the commencement of the transaction and free receivable collection service.

An CEO, Gilmo Jang said, "Reditus is based on the specialized RMS and offers low commission fee and collection expense with advanced security for safe daily e-finance. Our customer base is expected to grow as COVID-19 continues."

Those who want to write an e-finance promissory note on the Reditus app can download the app on Google Play and App Store and start to use it after a simple verification process.

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