Caribbean Bike Tours – Exploring Barbuda

A fifteen minute flight from Antigua, island trekkers can be cruising on Barbuda’s Pink Sand Beach.

Barbuda Bike Tours offers bicycle, tent & canopy rentals on the gorgeous beaches of Barbuda. They also offer guided mountain bike tours. Twenty-eight miles north of Antigua lies Barbuda, an island of sixty-two square miles of unexplored beaches and wilderness.

The terrain is completely flat and the elevation is close to or at sea level. This makes for easy yet exciting beach exploring and bird watching throughout the island. Barbuda is host to one of the largest frigate bird sanctuaries in the world. Barbuda is known for it’s lobster its number one export. Visitors to Barbuda can enjoy the biggest, freshest & lobster in the Caribbean.

Barbuda is a very dry island and presents an entirely opposite image of Antigua. You will find a more level landscape and shrubby vegetation. The population adds up to less than a couple thousand people and Barbuda’s main attraction are the wonderful sand beaches and the colorful underwater world. Around Barbuda you will find over 150 ship wrecks under water!

The island is best known for its seemingly endless beaches. Pink Sand Beach, so named for the powdery pink sand found on the beaches, is seventeen miles of still undeveloped beach front with crystal clear water. In one of Conde Nast Traveler issues, Pink Sand Beach, was named one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean.

There is plenty to explore on a bike excursion; from the caves of Two Foot Bay, which provide shelter while wrapping around the north side of the island to exploring the interior finding the Coco Point Well to fill water bottles during a break.

Visitors can rent a Trek bike with or without suspension. There are also guided tours that can take you anywhere on the island. When you arrive at your secluded beach destination, sleep under the stars in a large or small Eastern Mountain tent. If camping is not your style, make a reservation with one of the hotels or villas on the island.

Tents and bikes can be rented at Barbuda Bike Tours between December 1st and March 1st. All prices include campsites and tent set up. For more general information on Barbuda Bike Tours drop in on them at –

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