International Women’s Day: Moviebook Intends to Advance Women in Tech Under the Leadership of Its Female CEO Ji Xiaochen

BEIJING, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Moviebook, a leading AI-powered infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, seeks to provide women with equal access to employment and promotion opportunities, under the leadership of its female CEO Ji Xiaochen. Moviebook is also creating a positive work environment to protect female employees’ physical and mental health.

The continuous development of science and technology has created favorable conditions for women to be a part of emerging industries. The promotion of the fields of AI, 5G, semiconductors, and healthcare have created a system in which versatility and innovation are celebrated. Although predominantly male-dominated industries, success in tech increasingly requires individuals to possess a diverse range of hard and soft skills as each area finds itself at a cross-section of other areas, and talented women are able to thrive in these conditions.

Ji Xiaochen, the founder and CEO of Moviebook, is the epitome of female entrepreneurship. She founded Moviebook in 2009 and, since then, has grown the company to be an emerging industry leader in the field of smart video production. Over the past few years, Ji Xiaochen has received a number of prestigious awards for her achievements at Moviebook and within the industry in general. She was named in the 2021 Forbes China Up-and-coming Businesswomen List, China Entrepreneur’s Top 30 Most Influential Businesswomen, 2021 Fortune China Most Influential Businesswomen, and as one of China’s Innovation Leaders in the New Economy.

In order to be successful, modern business leaders – especially those working in tech – must adopt a fundamentally broad perspective and knowledge-base. True leaders are people who can surround themselves with quality advisors and talents and then delegate accordingly. Ji Xiaochen is exactly one of such leaders. She recognizes women’s gift for communication, cooperation and innovation and calls for more contribution to technological innovation from female workers.

However, women in science and technology fields often feel pressured by fertility, family building, and a pay imbalance. Moviebook is therefore committed to ensuring women in the workplace are provided with equal opportunity in employment and promotions, and that both mental and physical health are integral parts of personal development. Moviebook intends to set an industry standard for positive working conditions that foster a healthy company culture and happy, supported employees.

Throughout China and much of the rest of the world, female entrepreneurs are finding their place. As Ji Xiaochen has shown through her work in building Moviebook, the whole of humanity stands to benefit much from the innovative spirit and unique talents that come from having diversity amongst business leaders. Moving forward, Moviebook intends to be the change they wish to see in the world and inspire other companies to take a similar approach to female entrepreneurship.

About Moviebook

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, aims at empowering monetization capacity for clients from new retail, media, education, and culture through intelligent vision. Building on technological advantages in fields of computer vision, computer graphics, among others, Moviebook significantly improves the production efficiency of visual content and innovates ways of presenting and interacting with such content. By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook is pioneering a wide variety of application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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