lululab named a CES Innovation Awards Honoree for the fourth consecutive year

lululab recognized at the annual awards from 2019 through 2022 for the company’s LUMINI series, a series of beauty/dermatological analysis tools based on AI technologies

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — lululab, a member of Born2Global Centre, was recently named a CES Innovation Awards honoree for the fourth consecutive year (2019–2022) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, held in New York City. lululab is a startup specializing in AI beauty solutions that has been a member company of the Born2Global Centre since 2018.

lululab -- CES Innovation Awards Honoree
lululab — CES Innovation Awards Honoree

At CES 2022, lululab also gained recognition by winning the Innovation Award in two award categories: Health & Wellness and Software & Mobile Apps. 

Lumini Scalp, winner of the Innovation Award in the Health & Wellness category, is an AI-based haircare solution that analyzes the condition of the user’s scalp, organized by five key categories, including balding pattern. Based on the program’s diagnostic results and prediction of future balding patterns, LUMINI Scalp provides the user with a customized scalp treatment plan, and it also records prior scalp treatments. The app is regarded in the industry as a "next-generation scalp health consultant" that is capable of consistently managing hair health and preventing baldness.

Lumini App, winner of the Innovation Award in the Software & Mobile Apps category, is a total care service based on deep learning and AI technologies that uses a smartphone and an independent camera to conduct in-depth analyses of the user’s skin, based on skin type and other categories. The app then uses the results of these analyses to recommend skincare products and skincare strategies tailored to the user.

lululab CEO Yongjoon Choe commented on the awards, saying, "As a startup, we are honored to have been recognized so many times by the CES Innovation Awards for our AI-based dermatological analysis and beauty treatments. CES 2022 was especially significant in that our products were recognized for their ability to address many parts of the body. Moving forward, Lululab will focus on providing customers with hyper-individualized, data-based services."

CES is the world’s largest international tech trade show and is traditionally held annually in Las Vegas. The Consumer Technology Association, which hosts the event, evaluates products featured at the CES based on their innovativeness in a wide range of categories, including design, functionality, and user value.

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