TH Group donated “One million cups of milk” to Vietnamese doctors and people isolated from COVID-19

Vietnamese dairy producer TH Group, which possesses the famous TH true MILK brand, has presented one million glasses of fresh milk to Vietnamese people quarantined due to COVID-19 and those working against the epidemic.

HANOI, Vietnam, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Vietnamese Fatherland Front and TH Group – a leading dairy producer in Vietnam – announced a program on giving fresh milk produced by the group to nurses, doctors, and those who are in isolation due to COVID-19 in Vietnam. The program launched on March 10 and now has reached its target.

Giving milk to people in quarantined area of Hanoi
Giving milk to people in quarantined area of Hanoi

"One million cups of fresh milk" is one of several programs launched by TH group which aims to support frontline health workers throughout the country who are fighting the outbreak of the Corona virus. Among others are donating ventilators to hospitals and cash for buying personal protective equipment (facemasks, body bags – PPE, gowns, thermometers) for the medical workforce. So far, the group has donated a total worth of VND15 billion for the fight against COVID-19 in Vietnam.

Tran Thi Nhu Trang, representative of TH Group and director of the group’s Fund for Vietnamese people’s health, said that in the context of the raging COVID-19 outbreak, all people need to stay united and join hands, as well as raise awareness about the fight against the epidemic, contributing to the nation’s great efforts to eradicate COVID-19.

Earlier on March 3 in China’s Wuhan city, ground zero of the epidemic, TH Group also presented 240,000 glasses of fresh milk to patients and doctors. The milk is the sole Vietnamese fresh high quality milk allowed to be exported to China.

"TH Group not only presents one million glasses of milk, it will also stand ready to co-operate with other socio-political organizations to fight the epidemic," Trang said.

Truong Thi Ngoc Anh, Vice Chairwoman of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, said that the front has been co-operating with by people and firms like TH Group via several programs.

"We highly appreciate TH Group’s program on giving 1.24 million glasses of fresh milk to nurses and doctors and those affected by the COVID-19. It demonstrates the group’s fine community-oriented mindset. I believe that the program’s fine values will continue being expanded in the community," Anh said.

About TH Group

For the last 10 years, TH Group, owner of the renowned TH true MILK brand in Vietnam, has been operating a US$1.2 billion hi-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk facility in Nghia Dan district of the central province of Nghe An. The company also runs organic food and healthy beverage projects, including manufacturing and processing nut milk, clean fruits and vegetables, herbals and purified water… TH branded products always take its two criteria "fresh, clean" as top priorities and focus towards its core values which are "Truly natural" and "For public health".

TH has laid the foundation for the fresh milk industry in Vietnam, helped to reduce the proportion of the imported powdered milk from 92% in 2008 to 60% in 2019 on Vietnam market. The success of TH has encouraged other businesses in Vietnam dairy industry to invest seriously in hi-tech centralized dairy farm to create true fresh milk. Besides, the consumers have been able to see the true value of fresh milk and enjoy quality products with international standards. At present, TH is continuing to complete its mission "For public health" with the path of providing clean, organic, healthy beverages and nutrition scheme for Vietnamese people.

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