Exotic Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea, and Avant-Garde Sights in Southeast Asia

Asia Transpacific Journeys is offering three new extraordinary tours that transport travelers to a world beyond the ordinary to truly exotic destinations in Asia and the Pacific.

On one tour, guests stay in Cambodia at charmingly superb boutique hotels such as La Residence D’Angkor and 4 Rivers Eco Lodge, which is comprised of 12 luxury tented villas on the Tatai River, accessible only by boat.

There is much to choose from, between walking in the footsteps of Kipling through India’s best national parks, or visiting rarely seen tribes in Papua New Guinea during a captivating local festival. Other offerings take visitors to the remote frontiers of Laos, where travelers will explore astonishing natural settings, and up-and-coming places throughout Cambodia and Thailand, which are not yet on anyone’s radar.

· On Asia’s Frontiers: Laos, Cambodia and Thailand 19 days | departs October 8th 2011

Guided by veteran tour leader and recognized expert on Asian culture, Gordon Marsh, who is a superb cultural interpreter, travelers will visit unique destinations which have only recently become accessible. They will for instance meet secluded hill tribe villagers who still practice their traditional ways of life which have endured for thousands of years in the farthest reaches of Southeast Asia.

Travelers will also immerse themselves in local activities such as a northern-Thai cooking class, learning about the work of mahouts (elephant caretakers) at an Elephant conservation park in Laos and later enjoying an elephant ride into the beautiful Laotian countryside.


· Papua New Guinea: Kundu Festival 15 days | departs October 25th 2011

On this adventurous exploration, featuring the remarkable, un-touristed Alotau Canoe and Kundu Festival in Milne Bay, travelers will attend local festivities where hundreds of tribes assemble for a spirited and colorful celebration and competition of dancing, costumes, and other tribal arts.

Travelers will also meet the exotic Huli Wigmen, explore sacred Spirit Houses and cruise the legendary Sepik River to venture further into this mystic country.

Cultural interpretations by an expert on local customs, wildlife and conservation, combined with fantastic birding opportunities, tribal art galore and the country’s best eco-lodges round out this superb tour, which is without a doubt a trip of a lifetime.


· India: A Jungle Book Journey 17 days | departs December 3rd 2011

On this superb wildlife-themed tour, where travelers stay at gorgeous eco-lodges and elegant colonial-era hotels, guests can make like Kipling and track the rare Bengal tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, the setting that inspired his famous Jungle Book, and visit other legendary sites such as the Taj Mahal.

Travelers will also explore remote areas of Kaziranga and Kahna National Parks on elephant back for a chance to see one-horned rhinos, clouded leopards, sambar deer, wild elephants, boars, jackals, foxes, bison, monkeys and langurs.

Adding cultural flair to this definitive wildlife journey, travelers will visit magnificent fortresses and mosques that are part of the UNESCO world heritage program, experience cultural performances within sacred temple grounds and see bustling Old Delhi on a rickshaw ride.


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