New travel aggregator website intensifies competition with comprehensive, non-biased travel search is pleased to announce the official launch of the travel meta-search engine out of Beta. Trax offers users the convenience of comparing rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals across more than 200 travel suppliers simultaneously. Trax differentiates itself from existing meta-search engines by searching all of its suppliers without bias, offering comprehensive and competitive search results uninfluenced by exclusivity contracts. Trax also breaks the mold by searching regional specialty travel companies, providing exclusive offers not available on leading online travel agencies.

“Trax is based on the principle that fair, unbiased competition between our suppliers will ultimately bring our users the best travel rates,” says Evvie Meier, Marketing Manager at Trax. “Since we don’t sign exclusivity contracts, Trax has the freedom to offer users fares from hundreds of suppliers, meaning more options, more flexibility, and lower rates. We put consumers first.”

With the proliferation of online travel companies, even the most internet-savvy travelers can find the task of searching and comparing rates a daunting one. The increase in booking options can backfire, leaving customers reluctant to finalize a purchase out of fear that a better deal exists somewhere else.

“Increased competition works in customers’ favor until it gets too complex that it overwhelms them. Travel purchase shouldn’t be a wild goose chase,” Meier says. “The goal of Trax is to channel this competition into something that is digestible for travelers.”

Trax openly welcomes travel companies to participate as suppliers and continually adds travel companies to its supplier base. “There are so many small and medium sized travel companies that are pushed out of the market,” says Meier. “A partnership with these sources is mutually beneficial: the smaller companies get a chance to compete, and we’re able to provide travelers with products and specials that aren’t available elsewhere.”

“No one airline, hotel chain, or online travel agency is always going to have the best deals; their rates fluctuate,” Meier says. “Given this fact, an unbiased and comprehensive meta-search engine is by definition the superior consumer search method for travel.”

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