Travel Season: 5 ways to get your mobile or laptop back

With our crazy busy lives and everyone in a rush: no wonder people are more likely to lose laptops and mobile phones. When a device is lost, the realization hits everyone: we’re really dependent on our mobile electronics.

• Laptop losses regularly total 12,000 per week in the US (Ponemon Institute).

• 25% of all wireless phones are reported lost or stolen every year (Asurion Insurance Service Inc.).

Consumer electronics and laptops are an investment, and are expensive to replace – not to mention that you can’t restore the data they contain, precious family photos, personal contacts and files, sensitive business documents and music libraries.

Technology makes it incredibly easy for anyone to return lost or stolen items online and most people want to help – but without a unique identifying number items are anonymous. But now there is an inexpensive solution from Global Lost and Found (GLF), , E-Tracker I.D.s for $9.99 which can be purchased directly at GLFs’ website, Tiger Direct stores,  , or Fry’s Electronics.

We would be happy to send you some E-Tracker I.D.s to try with your devices. And, hope you can use the tips below for keeping electronics safe this holiday travel season.

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Global Lost & Found, the creators of E-Tracker I.D., went in search of the top 5 things people can do to avoid theft and increase the chance they will get their lost electronics returned this holiday season.

1. Be Aware: Don’t let your items out of your sight, and make sure to check your seat in the airport waiting area before getting up to board your plane. And always check the seat pocket in front of before you get off the plane. This is the most common way people lose their items.

2. Be Prepared: If an item has no means of identification, your chance of getting it back is less than 5%. But a pre-paid recovery service like Global Lost & Found’s E-Tracker I.D gets lost items back 75% of the time. The service includes a includes a recovery tag with a unique I.D. number that is registered into a global recovery database, 24×7 customer service, a cash reward incentive for lost item finders, and all shipping and handling for two years

3. Insurance: For high-end items you may buy a policy, give up finding your device, pay deductible and get a new one with loss or theft coverage

4. Airport Security: Report the loss and keep checking their lost and found.

5. Bulletin Boards: There are free services you can try as a last resort, such as Lost and List anything for free and hope someone responds.

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