Silves Bed & Breakfast Duas Quintas Announce French Translation of Guesthouse Website

Duas Quintas, a countryside bed and breakfast situated just outside Silves has announced that sections of the bed and breakfast website are now available to view in French.

The move to translate the Duas Quintas website into French comes just a few months after an announcement was made that the Algarve bed and breakfast website would be available in German as well as English.

Speaking about the recent translation owners Mary and her husband Les Cave said:

“The Algarve is a destination that attracts people from all over Europe and in particular France. For a long time now we have been lucky enough that French visitors have been able to find us through the English sections of the website but have always planned that the website would eventually be available to view in French as well.

We are very excited about the translation and hope it will allow us to attract more people to the Algarve and show them what the area really has to offer.”

Mary and Les began the Silves bed and breakfast several years ago, renovating it from an old farmhouse. Attracting visitors from all over the world, the Duas Quintas bed and breakfast allows those visiting the Algarve to get a real idea of what the Algarve – and in particular the rural Algarve – is all about.

“From walking holidays on the Algarve to car-free, Algarve eco-friendly holidays – there is a lot more to the Algarve than the traditional noisy resorts that often spring to mind” says Mary. “Having this information available in French means that those considering visiting the ‘real Algarve’ from their homes in France will be able to get the information they need, easily and in their own native tongue.”

Sections of the Duas Quintas website available in French include the (French) home page, information about rooms, rates, eco-friendly holidays and a contact page.

The French section, although only providing the essential information about Duas Quintas will mean that those searching for an Algarve bed and breakfast or “Maison d’hôte Algarve” will easily be able to find all the information they need to put together the perfect holiday in the Algarve. If further information is required it can easily be accessed using a drop down menu which allows you to switch to the English section of the site.

Having already had the website translated into German, the French translation looks to be part of several ongoing translations and Duas Quintas makes the website more convenient for their European neighbours. “Plans for a Spanish version are in the pipeline and we look forward to adding this to the German, French and English sections currently available on the website”, commented Les.


Duas Quintas is a countryside guesthouse that is found 6 miles from the city of Silves in the Algarve. It is located in the orange growing area of the rural Algarve, yet within easy reach of many beautiful beaches. Thanks to its central location, it is ideal for exploring the whole of the Algarve. Duas Quintas translates as “the two farms” and this describes the life of the property before it was renovated in 2005. Breakfasts at Duas Quintas includes fresh fruit salad, freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade preserves and cakes as well as local meat and cheese.

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